How to use the funding

These pages provide guidelines for researchers and sites of research receiving funding from the Academy of Finland. Research funding awarded by the Academy may only be used for the purpose specified in the funding decision.

Academy research grants are awarded for the applicant’s research project. The grant can be used to carry out the research plan specified in the application. The research must be carried out at the site of research indicated in the application and the granted amount must not be exceeded. The funding is not binding as to type of expenditure.

The use, payment and control of research grants must comply with Finnish legislation, i.e. the Act and Decree regarding the State Budget, the Act regarding Public Acquisitions and the Decree regarding State Acquisitions, the State Budget, the regulations regarding its applications and other general provisions and regulations regarding the use of state funds. In the use of research grants, the Academy’s conditions and the regulations in force at the site of research must also be complied with. In case the research grant has been allocated to a private law legal person or a municipality, or as a personal research grant, the provisions of the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (688/2001) must be complied with.

The principal investigator and the site of research are responsible for that the funds are used in accordance with the decision, the provisions and the regulations.

Last modified 5 May 2015
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