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What the Research Council for Biosciences and Environment does

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences and Environment works to realise the Academy’s objectives within its own specific field of scientific expertise. It funds cutting-edge, responsible and high-impact research as well as the utilisation of knowledge and know-how emerging from that research. It aims to enhance the regeneration of research by supporting free-thinking, bold initiatives that may involve high-risk research. The term of the current Research Council ends on 31 December 2018.

The Research Council represents a wide spectum of research in biosciences and environmental sciences. Its domain is thus fairly extensive and complex. The research fields in the Research Council’s domain represent basic research, creating a fundamental basis for fields closer to applied research as well. In essence, the research funded by the Research Council is often interdisciplinary.

Research in biosciences and environmental sciences plays a key role in creating conditions for sustainable development and in solving major, global challenges. The societal impact of the research is manifested particularly in finding answers to the research questions that are associated with these global challenges. A stated objective of the Research Council for Biosciences and Environment is to prepare the ground for research that creates new knowledge with which these challenges can be solved.

The Research Council supports the development of research careers with all its funding schemes. In particular, it supports internationally competitive and high-aiming researchers. Researchers supported by the Research Council are required to be internationally mobile, which is one of the ways to promote scientific renewal.

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The Research Council actively monitors the implementation and impact of the projects it has funded, for instance, by drawing up reports and analyses on different funding schemes and research fields, and by regularly organising meetings with researchers.

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Director, Division of Biosciences, Health and Environmental Research 
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