Research infrastructures

The interim evaluation of Finland’s roadmap for research infrastructures will be completed in spring 2018. See the schedule here.

The Academy of Finland provides funding for the acquisition, establishment or strengthening of nationally significant research infrastructures that promote scientific research. We have a separate targeted call through which we provide funding to infrastructures where Finland is a member. That funding is intended to cover the coordination costs relating to the Finnish nodes of the infrastructures.

The aim of our research infrastructure funding scheme is to upgrade the quality and improve the renewal, competitiveness and interdisciplinary approach of Finnish research. The funding is granted for establishing or upgrading of nationally important research infrastructures that promote high-quality scientific research. Applications for research infrastructure funding are assessed by international review panels.

Research infrastructures refer to a reserve of instruments, equipment, information networks, databases, materials and services enabling research at various stages. Research infrastructures may be based at a single location (single-sited), scattered across several sites (distributed), or provided via a virtual platform (virtual). They can also form mutually complementary wholes and networks. Europe hosts several large-scale research infrastructures that are open to collaborative use across national boundaries.

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