In the case of the Academy of Finland’s processes, the Finnish Act on the Openness of Government Activities applies, among other things, to application documents and expert reviews. Based on the Act, for instance, plans of intent, research plans, abstracts, progress reports and review reports are treated as confidential documents. Application documents must be handled and stored with due care and confidentiality.

Reviewers are not allowed to disclose any information concerning application documents or reviews to outsiders, nor are they allowed to use this confidential information to their own or anyone else’s benefit or disadvantage. In addition, they may not reveal to outsiders that they are reviewing the research plan of a particular researcher. Once the review has been completed, all application documents and any copies made of them must be destroyed, or returned to the Academy. The non-disclosure obligation applies also after the review assignment has been completed.

After the funding decisions have been announced, the Academy will publish a list of the reviewers (names, titles and organisations) used in the call on its website. Applicants will receive the final review on their research plan after the funding decisions have been made. The final review shows the names of the review panel members or the individual reviewers. The names of the persons who have provided preliminary review statements are available on request.

The preliminary and support reviews are also confidential documents unless otherwise stated in the applicable legislation or required by court order.

Anyone who has questions about the application documents or review reports must be advised to contact the Academy.

Last modified 22 Dec 2017
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